Even though months have passed since our student retention rallies were held in the 19 college location that we have around the country, we continue to feel the dramatic impact that you had on our thousands of students.  The students retention rallies were totally successful and we are grateful for the significant part you played in helping us to make this achievement.  In the responses we have had from our faculty, staff and students, deep gratitude was expressed for the good job that you did;  your exciting personality brought an overwhelming response from  our students.

Thank you again, Jon, for being so personable and earnest about your work.


National Director of marketing


We could never thank you enough for the entertainment you provided for the big Christmas banquet for the Bible College students this year.  We look forward to many more good times together. 

Dear Jon:

Just a short note to say thank you for giving us such a super performance at our recent LEAGUE Forum XIII.  It was indeed a treat to have you with us.  Our members thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and your selection of songs seemed to be right on target!

Wishing you continued success.  I look forward to seeing you in the future.


Claudia A. Calin

Secretary to the President National League of Postmasters

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