JON RODGERS - Vocalist, Performer, Writer and Arranger

Feature vocalist, writer and entertainment professional experienced in live and studio performances, public relations and project development in private, industrial and commercial sectors.


Areas of Artistic And Business Experience

Stage & Performance

JON RODGERS EXPRESSION - Principal of variety musical entertainment act - Night Clubs, Concerts, Conventions, Resort, Hotels, T.V. and Radio, Charity and Arts Festivals.

THE PLATTERS - Preformed, recorded and travel internationally as a principal featured singer/member of the acclaimed vocal act.

TOTAL ARTS PROGRAMS (TAP) - Program designed to provide cultural enrichment and exposure to the arts with focus and emphasis on the disadvantaged sectors of the community.

Film & Television

Chasers - Director, Dennis Hopper

Eddie - Director, Steve Rash

The Color Purple - Director, Steven Speilberg, Producer, Quincy Jones

The Order of the Eagle - Director, Earl Owensby

Gormet, Zombie Chief From Hell - Director, Don Swann

Scrattered Dreams - Director, Neema Barnette and Starring Tyne Daly

Blessed Assurance - Starring Cicely Tyson

Performances on numerous talk and variety television program including The Today Show, The Dennis Holly Show, The Lester Strong Show, Noonday and many other regional programs.

Educational and Public Service Films - Walter J. Klein Studios 


Commercial & Industrial Film

Educational and Public Service Films - Walter J. Klein Studios - Charlotte, NC

Oldsmoblie and Buick - National Distribution - Detroit, MI

Kool Cigarettes - National Distribution - New York, NY

American Life Corporation - Wrote, produced, preformed - Charlotte, NC

Political Candidate Slogans/Commercials - Charlotte & Greensboro, NC

American Saving & Loan - Greensboro, NC

Sexual Harassment - Industrial Utility Company 

AIDS Education - Public Service

Smoking Cessation Commercial - Public Service

Tim L. Harris - Legal Firm

Concealed Weapon Advertisement - State Government Service

Ericsson Communications (Carolina Panthers' Stadium)


Jon RodgersExpression - The Many Sides of JonRodgersExpression

JonRodgersExpression does it all both behind the scenes and in front of the mic.  “Spain” sets a beautiful atmosphere thanks to the soul in the vocals, and then like a burst of lightning – BAM!   The music and the vocals speed up. It’s all quite musical theater and turns into a true performance.  “Stop Loving You” isn’t quite like that; it’s a more serious song.  It’s that feeling when you’re in love and it won’t stop — no matter what.  The love will always be there.”Been on This Road too Long” has more of a southern soul vibe to it.  It’s one of those songs where you hear; you feel every word being sung.  It’s the kind of music all ages can appreciate. With “Rosebud,” it’s more for the older folks who grew up in the 70′s.  Lastly, “Frendz” flips everything you’ve come to know about JonRodgersExpression on its side.  It’s upbeat and energetic to the point that you think it’s going to come on when you’re on the dance floor.  If you’re into musicians who can change with the flip of a switch but remain skilled when doing so, check out JonRodgersExpression. (

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